Delicious Food Awaits...

Located on Camp Street(next to St Peters church) seating 70 inside and 60 outside on a private sunny courtyard.
Wicked coffee and delicious breakfast await from our early opening time of 7am till 4pm

Lunch kicks in at 10am with a wide selection of salads, bowls & burgers.

There are many plant based options with dedicated nights returning thursday 21st May

Dinner is on hold right now except vegan nights

The well-stocked bar includes draught Altitude craft beer; pilsner, pale ale, lager & IPA
Halo also stocks a good range of local wine / Peregrine , Gibbston Valley , Chard farm

Gluten-free & allergies are catered for so don't be afraid to ask

Come and enjoy


Halo Breakfast Menu


Start your day with wicked coffee and delicious breakfast from new opening time of 7 am

Halo Lunch Menu


Lunch kicks in from 10 am with a wide selection of plant based , bowls & burgers

Halo Dinner Menu


Dinner is on hold for now except Vegan nights returning Thursday 21st May
Fully stocked bar including Altitude beer, Pilsner Lager Pale Ale & IPA
and a good selection of local Wines supporting Peregrine , Gibbston Valley & Chard Farm